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What Is the Image Sensor Chief Ray Angle Spec?

Endoscopes offer a minimally invasive or non-invasive method of observing areas of the human body that would typically be inaccessible without invasive surgery. The high-resolution images from the endoscope provide an exceptional visual interpretation of internal anatomy accessible from orifices naturally present in the human body or through incisions. Medical and industrial applications in optics, […]

Tom McDonald

Meet Tom McDonald, Principal Mechanical Engineer

Today, we are speaking with Tom McDonald, one of the people you may work with directly as a client of Gray Optics. What is your current role at Gray Optics? As the Principal Mechanical Engineer, I’m responsible for taking the optical designs and designing a system of mechanical constraints based on the specific tolerances laid […]

Ted McHenry

Talking with Ted McHenry, Engineering Process Leader

In this interview, we spoke to Ted McHenry, one of the initial team members of the Gray Optics team and one of the anchor points of the growing group. As the Mechanical Engineering Manager and Process Leader, he brings 16+ years of experience to our team. With his diverse knowledge in mechanical design for rapid […]


Resolution and MTF Testing

In the past, when sensors only offered at most 640 pixels, it was easy to make an imaging lens that could outperform the camera’s sensor. Today, with pixel sizes less than 1 micron,  pixel count on sensors have significantly increased —sensors now regularly have over six million pixels. To keep up with this technological advancement […]

What Does an Optical Engineer Do?

In physics, optics is the study of light, a broad field of research and engineering that includes aspects like rays, waves, and photons. Although the term “optics” is often associated with sight, optical engineers focus more on the behavior, properties, and creation of light. Here we’ll go into more detail about what optical engineers do […]

What Are Endoscopic Cameras?

One of the most applied imaging methods in medicine is endoscopy, and endoscopic cameras are one of the most technical demanding devices. These systems allow medical practitioners to examine and inspect the interior of bodily organs, joints, or cavities for diagnosis and treatment purposes. At Gray Optics, we specialize in solving complex optical, mechanical, and […]

Surgical support tool

AR/VR as a Surgical Support Tool

AR/VR and advanced imaging systems aid surgeons both in the OR and in training, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Image quality testing

Image Quality Testing for Medical Devices

As the optics and image sensors used in endoscope and dental cameras serve as the eye of the doctor using them, the image quality produced by these components are critical.

DNA samples in a thermocycler

How Optics Are Powering Coronavirus Detection and Diagnosis

Scientific and engineering teams are collaborating worldwide to develop the molecular testing tools essential for detecting the presence of the COVID-19 virus and the associated antibodies after the immune system has fought off the disease.

Girl in dentistry

An Intraoral Camera Case Study

A dental intraoral camera is a multi-purpose imaging device first introduced in the 1990’s. Originally the technology was used for taking pictures of teeth and gums for documentation. Now the application space includes diagnosing dental conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, 3D optical measurement systems for tooth repair and corrective braces, and for patient education.