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Tom McDonald

Meet Tom McDonald, Principal Mechanical Engineer

Today, we are speaking with Tom McDonald, one of the people you may work with directly as a client of Gray Optics. What is your current role at Gray Optics? As the Principal Mechanical Engineer, I’m responsible for taking the optical designs and designing a system of mechanical constraints based on the specific tolerances laid […]

Ted McHenry

Talking with Ted McHenry, Engineering Process Leader

In this interview, we spoke to Ted McHenry, one of the initial team members of the Gray Optics team and one of the anchor points of the growing group. As the Mechanical Engineering Manager and Process Leader, he brings 16+ years of experience to our team. With his diverse knowledge in mechanical design for rapid […]


additive manufacturing

Complex Optics Prototypes Created With Additive Manufacturing From Gray Optics

Portland, ME, July 8, 2022 – Gray Optics’ Additive Manufacturing experience combines component and optical design expertise with high-power additive laser metal manufacturing. Applications for these highly complex parts include dental implants to industrial parts, which are too difficult for lathe or millwork, and now are made with a metal powder bed fusion system. Melt […]

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Eric Storm

Meet Eric Storm, Principle Assembly Technician

Eric Storm, our Principle Assembly Technician, has been with us since early 2019. He’s personally worked through most of our customer’s challenges to solve fixturing and alignment problems with those tricky < 2mm optical assemblies required in robotic surgical units.  How Eric Became a Gray Optics Team Member Dan Gray and Ted McHenry were lucky […]

Athelas case study

Athelas Case Study: Point of Care Blood Analysis Device

The use of point of care (POC) devices is growing as healthcare markets address the need for more real time analysis in applications such as pharmaceutical interventions and diagnosis of infectious diseases.

An interview with dan gray

Bringing Complex Medical Imaging Devices to Market


JD: What are some of the product development challenges companies face when designing medical imaging products?