DNA samples in a thermocycler

How Optics Are Powering Coronavirus Detection and Diagnosis

Scientific and engineering teams are collaborating worldwide to develop the molecular testing tools essential for detecting the presence of the COVID-19 virus and the associated antibodies after the immune system has fought off the disease.

Girl in dentistry

An Intraoral Camera Case Study

A dental intraoral camera is a multi-purpose imaging device first introduced in the 1990’s. Originally the technology was used for taking pictures of teeth and gums for documentation. Now the application space includes diagnosing dental conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, 3D optical measurement systems for tooth repair and corrective braces, and for patient education.

Metal additive manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing & Optical Design

Metal additive manufacturing continues to gain traction in the aerospace and automotive markets. Read on to discover how optical systems and machine learning help achieve the level of quality required for 3D-printed components.

DSLR camera lens cut in half

Design to Prototype in 6 Weeks

Rapid prototyping technologies have drastically accelerated the product development process. However, in the optics world, these techniques are lagging by at least 5 to 10 years.

Athelas case study

Athelas Case Study: Point of Care Blood Analysis Device

The use of point of care (POC) devices is growing as healthcare markets address the need for more real time analysis in applications such as pharmaceutical interventions and diagnosis of infectious diseases.

An interview with dan gray

Bringing Complex Medical Imaging Devices to Market


JD: What are some of the product development challenges companies face when designing medical imaging products?

Removing uncertainty in your design process

Removing Uncertainty in Your Design Process

Product design is fraught with uncertainties. The design team must challenge assumptions and resist making decisions based on fear, bias, or lack of information – from the initial concept design and feasibility through final approval and release to manufacturing.