Eric Storm

Eric Storm, our Principle Assembly Technician, has been with us since early 2019. He’s personally worked through most of our customer’s challenges to solve fixturing and alignment problems with those tricky < 2mm optical assemblies required in robotic surgical units. 

How Eric Became a Gray Optics Team Member

Dan Gray and Ted McHenry were lucky to have worked with Eric at a past endeavor and pulled him along to the new team in Portland, ME. With some reservations, but knowing that Dan and Ted were dedicated to their vision, Eric made the switch and has continued to play a key part in the assembly and testing process. Eric has had to creatively address working with prototypes through tree-production builds of mini-micro sizing with multiple lens factors.

“GO is different from other places I have worked, as everybody here has a voice and is listened to,” says Storm. “Each project is unique and has its own set of challenges in terms of filtering and process – and that makes it fun!”

Outside of Work, Means Literally – Outside

Eric is also an accomplished landscape photographer and specializes in capturing elemental coastal sunrises and nature in Maine. His portfolio may be viewed on Facebook: