We specialize in BIOMEDICAL and industrial optics



Optical imaging has made minimally invasive surgical procedures possible. This technique has become the standard of care, with its application expanding beyond laparoscopic, gynecological, urological, digestive tract, colorectal and thoracic surgeries. Optical technologies are also core to critical medical imaging applications in ophthalmology, dermatology, and dental imaging.

  • Robotic surgical systems

  • Fluorescence image guided surgery

  • Rigid and flexible Endoscopes

  • 3D stereoscopic imaging

  • Retinal imaging, ophthalmology

  • Dental imaging & 3D scanning

  • Dermatology



The optics and photonics technologies within analytical instrumentation has enabled a data driven approach to healthcare. Our work in high-resolution and compact microscope technologies is key to our customers success. Custom microscope objective design matched with high NA illumination optics provides the highest quality cellular imagery. Our experience includes:

  • Compact, low cost microscopes

  • High throughput fluorescence microscopes

  • Flow imaging/cytometry

  • Scanning laser based systems

  • Adaptive Optics

  • Multi-photon microscopy

  • Analytical instrumentation

  • Environmental control



Industrial applications such as machine vision, 3D imaging and additive manufacturing all rely on advanced optical technologies. Our experience in optical system design incorporating high-power infrared lasers, scanning mirrors and adaptive optics enables our customers to drive the state of the art in this field.

  • Machine vision

  • 3D surface imaging, optical CMM

  • Boroscopes

  • Remote visual inspection

  • Optical strain gauges

  • 3D printing

  • Laser machining and fabrication

  • Fingerprint capture, facial recognition

  • Augmented reality