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At Gray Optics, our mission is to improve and save lives. We do this by leveraging our team’s design engineering and application expertise to help life science OEM instrument companies advance their product development programs, covering everything from advanced fluorescence imaging platforms and tools to high-speed cell counting instruments. With our proven new product development process, and collaborative partnership model, our team has successfully supported customers with innovative solutions that solve complex optical instrument design challenges and delivered optical assemblies for several fully commercialized life science research instruments used to advance research in the biological and health sciences, becoming a valued partner to OEM instrument companies around the world.



Optics and photonics product technologies are enabling the understanding and controlling of life, from decoding genetic information for hereditary condition screening, aiding in personalized medicine, to mapping individual molecular function and behavior with sub-100nm optical resolution, to using lasers to control and help engineer cells for targeted drug therapies and drug manufacturing. 

Scientists in academic laboratories, diagnostic clinics, and medical research facilities worldwide rely on advanced optical instruments that aid their work. They are helping to improve lives by identifying sub-cellular biological entities to aid deeper insights into diseases, enabling accurate diagnostic testing, and exploring new frontiers in fundamental biomedical research. For this to happen, scientists need at their disposal advanced optical instruments and analytical devices that reliably produce high-resolution microscopy images and can detect light signals across multi-wavelength bands with high signal-to-noise. 



Gray Optics’ design engineering team has deep, domain-level expertise in various instrument types and end applications within the life sciences, including wide field of view (FOV), high-resolution, multi-color fluorescence microscopy, to laser-based cell editing machines. Applications that depend on the design and assembly of high-performance, high-quality optics, and optical assemblies include:

  • DNA Sequencing
  • Spatial Sequencing
  • Micro Arrays
  • Cell Analysis
  • Super-resolution Fluorescence and Multiphoton Microscopy 
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Neuroscience/Optogenetics
  • Scanning Laser Systems and Adaptive Optics Systems 
  • Analytical and Spectroscopy Instrumentation

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Gray Optics’ product engineeringprecision assembly and metrology, and test expertise helps OEM instrument developers successfully navigate their product development path, from concept to manufacturing, by designing illumination optics, custom wide field of view (FOV), high-NA microscope objectives, lens assemblies, as well as detection optics tailored to your instruments’ unique specifications and end-user requirements. 

Our team of engineers bridges the gap between advanced optical, mechanical design and product development through a collaborative partnership model based on Gray Optics’ new product development process to deliver industry-leading solutions to complex optical and system design challenges. Our goal is to leverage our application expertise and end-user experience to compress product development timelines and keep your product development program on schedule and budget.


Work We've Done

Gray Optics has supported the product development for various instrument platforms with deep expertise in life science imaging applications. To learn more about our application experience and how we work to ensure our customer’s success, please visit our library of Case Studies for life science applications.

If your product development team needs help to solve a complex optical design problem, Gray Optics is here to help. You can learn more about our unique product engineering and capabilities, as well as learn more about How We Work.  

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