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At Gray Optics, our mission is to improve and save lives. We do this by leveraging our team’s product engineering and application expertise to help medical OEM instrument companies advance their product development programs. Our engineering team has been critically involved in many advances in illumination and visualization technologies deployed in new generations of robotic surgery platforms, including white light and fluorescence (ICG) imaging. With our proven new product development process, and collaborative partnership model, our team has successfully supported customers with innovative solutions that solve complex optical instrument design challenges and delivered optical assemblies for several fully commercialized robotic surgery platforms and minimally invasive surgery devices used to diagnose and treat patients, becoming a valued partner to OEM instrument companies around the world.



Optics and photonics product technologies are at the core of several advances in medicine, from minimally invasive surgery, endoscopy, and robotic surgery (including augmented reality visualization) to fluorescence imaging, Raman, and NIR spectroscopy for tumor resection.

In diagnostics, the technology transformation to LED illumination has created many new PCR instruments and miniature, lower-cost devices that democratize diagnostic testing worldwide. Additionally, by combining advanced imaging technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), clinical retinal imaging breakthroughs have improved neurodegenerative disease diagnosis. 

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and clinicians who work in operating rooms, hospital wards, diagnostic clinics, and medical research facilities worldwide rely on advanced optical instruments to diagnose, treat and save lives. From using tiny fiber-optic probes to repair heart defects to non-invasive optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging of blocked arteries, photonics plays a critical role in enabling their work. For this to happen, new medical devices must follow a comprehensive and robust new product development process, from concept to manufacturing readiness. This process ensures the final product performs to the highest standards and meets all regulatory requirements for safe use, reliably and repeatedly, no matter the end application or use case.



Gray Optics’ design and systems engineering teams have deep, domain-level expertise across various medical devices and instruments used in applications within medical markets. Examples include white light and fluorescence imaging in 3D robotic surgery, endoscopy and other minimally invasive devices, optometry, and ophthalmology, as well as PCR diagnostics.

Medical device and instrument applications that depend on the design and assembly of high-performance, high-quality precision assemblies include:

  •   Robotic surgical systems 
  •   AR for neurosurgery
  •   Fluorescence, Raman, NIR guided surgery
  •   Rigid and flexible endoscopes 
  •   3D stereoscopic imaging 
  •   PCR diagnostics
  •   Digital pathology (optional)
  •   Optometry and Ophthalmology 
  •   Surgical Vision Systems (Loupes, Augmented/Virtual Reality Viewers)
  •   Dental imaging 
  •   Dermatology

PCR instrumentation
Gray Optics’ product engineeringprecision assembly and metrology and test expertise help medical device companies successfully navigate their product development path, from concept to manufacturing, by designing miniature, compact illumination optics, precision lens assemblies, and vision systems tailored to your medical device and instruments unique specifications and end-user requirements. 

Through a collaborative partnership model based on Gray Optics’ new product development process, our team of engineers bridges the gap between advanced optomechanical design and product development to deliver industry-leading solutions to complex challenges in regulated medical devices. Our goal is to leverage our application expertise and end-user experience to compress product development timelines and keep your product development program on schedule and budget.


Work We've Done

With our deep expertise across several surgical imaging and medical diagnostic test applications, Gray Optics has successfully supported multiple product development programs for various medical devices and instrument platforms. To learn more about our application experience and how we work to ensure our customer’s success, please visit our library of Work We’ve Done for medical device applications.

Gray Optics’ exists to improve lives by developing new optical products that help solve humankind’s most pressing challenges in medical applications. You can learn more about How We Work and why our team of dedicated engineers is here to support you on your product development journey.

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