Medical Devices


3D chip-on-tip endoscope 

Robotic surgery applications require the latest high resolution stereoscopic imaging.   3D chip-on-tip technology coupled with high NA fiber optics create a superior image across your entire field of view.  We continue to advance the capabilities of endoscopic imaging by integrating the best components with designs that push the boundaries of optical innovation.


Broad Spectrum Endoscope Coupler

As endoscopic imaging companies introduce higher resolution systems, it becomes more critical to optimize coupler technology to meet the needs of surgeons.  With a wide range of endoscopic systems on the market, designs must allow for interchangeability of filtering options, focus adjustment, and mechanical connections to medical cameras. 

Handheld Ophthalmoscope

Retinal imaging and next-gen handheld ophthalmic devices have changed the lives of millions worldwide.  With experience in emerging techniques for custom ophthalmoscopes and fundus cameras, we are a design partner with domain knowledge in optimizing both the imaging and illumination paths of these devices.

Chip On Tip Endoscope Module

With endoscopic procedures increasing, minimally invasive surgery continues to advance technologies critical for high resolution imaging.  Our team balances emerging CMOS sensor technology with wide angle lens designs and mechanical integration to create high-precision, custom imaging solutions.   

Life Science


Compact microscope objective

A critical component of an optical microscope, objective lenses are responsible for the primary image formation and determine the image quality the microscope is capable of producing. Our team designed and manufactured a 0.25 numerical aperture, finite conjugate microscope objective that provides 5.8 x magnification within a total optical path of 40 mm.  The lens is suitable for both medical and life sciences applications requiring a high performing, compact magnification.


Scanning imaging system

We work closely with clients when an application requires a high precision optical solution coupled with a market that is price sensitive.  In developing an optical design for a scanning laser microscope, off-the-shelf lenses were used throughout the multi-channel PMT system to minimize costs.  The imaging performance was characterized and the design was transferred to SOLIDWORKS for mechanical integration. 


Compact microscope design

Often, imaging products become outdated due to a change in industry standards or adoption of a new technology.  To maintain competitiveness, businesses need to react quickly to market conditions.  When a client approached us with a compact microscope design that was too tall and image size too small, we developed a novel architecture using off-the-shelf components that reduced the height by more than 2x, and increased the field of view by 30%. Using agile development techniques, more than 4 hardware iterations were completed in 3 months.