precision optical assembly


Our industry-leading, precision optical assembly for medical, life science, and industrial instrument markets is at the heart of What We Do.  

Our production team at Gray Optics is passionate about translating our customers’ designs into precision optical assemblies, starting as engineering prototypes in the product development phase of our New Product Development Process and scaling to finished products in volume production. From miniature endoscopes, optical modules, and imaging objectives to full optical systems encompassing optics, illumination, electronics and software, our team of experienced engineers and assembly technicians bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that our customers have come to depend on and trust. 

Within our production facility, we have established dedicated production work cells to assemble and test everything from individual optical elements to complex optical assemblies. In addition, our systems and processes are built on and aligned to ISO 13485 for medical devices and ISO 9001 for non-regulated products. These assets allow our team to develop and test your optical products with the highest quality standards, repeatedly and reliably, as we work through your product development journey from concept to manufacture.


Our precision optical assembly capabilities include:

  • Motion control (x,y,z stages) and automation systems 
  • Illumination and detection modules
  • Traceability and inventory control 
  • Complete optical systems with electronics and control software 

Precision optical Assembly Sample

Precision optical Assembly Sample

To meet the needs of our customers’ product development projects, we leverage our established network of global supply chain partners for both budget and critical milestone timelines. Through our supply chain partners we routinely source the following custom components in prototype through production volumes:

  • Glass optics 
  • Injection molded plastic optics 
  • Sapphire windows 
  • Lithography printed chrome on glass elements  
  • Fiber Optic bundles 
  • Custom coated filters and dichroic mirrors
  • Metal and plastic CNC machined parts 
  • Metal and plastic 3D printed parts
  • Photo etched and laser cut parts 
  • Laser welded metal assemblies 
  • PCBs, electronics

Our broad network of suppliers enables us to access specialty materials and components required for precision assemblies and obtain the optimal solution for every application. As a part of our design to supply chain model, we offer Design to Prototype services in as little as 6-8 weeks for various optical products.  

If your product development team needs help solving a complex optical design problem and the delivery of precision optical assemblies to meet your new product development needs, Gray Optics is here to help. You can learn more about our product engineering, and metrology and test capabilities and learn about How We Work.  


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