Blue Skies For AR, VR, MR


Are you developing an innovative product in this hot technology space? Read our summary of the SPIE One-Day Conference on VR, AR, MR and learn how Gray Optics expertise in optical design can help you overcome technical challenges and navigate to success. 

Event Summary

In this one-day conference, luminaries and experts from major companies and leading academic institutions presented on the state of this emerging industry. The message reinforced by the presenters was of the overwhelming opportunity in this space. The primary industry focus has recently shifted from VR to AR at a $120B potential market size. The state of the industry is one of looming, yet perpetual boom, 2-5 years out. This is due to available technologies lagging market expectations in performance, form factor, and cost. Equivalence to conventional eye glasses has emerged as the end goal, requiring heavy investment in basic materials and technologies. Yet if the industry is successful, achieving this formfactor not only delivers on the promise of Digital Reality (AR/VR/MR), it means offering affordable and low energy computing to a 1-billion-person market. Facebook (Oculus), Samsung, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, 3M, HTC Vive, Magic Leap and a host of smaller companies are all taking massive bets in this space, funding   basic research and technology development. Success in this space not only hinges on core technology advancement, but also requires sound understanding of human physiology, vision and cogitative science, and equally in computational imaging. As well-established companies are already funding and leading the research required to meet the end goal, the present opportunity for new entrants is to leverage commercially ready technologies and implement them in ways that circumvent the known limitations in depth cues, field of view, resolution, occlusion, and form factor. This will mean relaxing performance requirements in key areas, while providing customer value through enhanced user experience. Gray Optics believes that success in the existing market is possible through smart design compromises such as:  single color displays, modest FOV (70-90 degrees), 720p resolution,  a generous eye-box, and relaxed requirements on stereo 3D performance.  

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